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Study, accommodation and relaxation spaces are right on your doorstep

UASVM of Bucharest offers its students a modern, effervescent and intercultural academic environment, designed to support both personal and professional development in current areas, important for the development of a society’s economy.

Our university has set out to respond not only to the professional side of student life, but also to the personal one. The conditions, at the European level, for professional training are doubled by equally good conditions for living and spending free time in the two campuses – Agronomy – Herăstrău and Veterinary Medicine – Cotroceni (dormitories, agro-food complexes, sports hall and fields, Dendrological Park, Botanical Garden, didactic and experimental fields).

The Veterinary Medicine – Cotroceni campus, with an area of 5.5 hectares, is located in the neighborhood of the same name, in the center of Bucharest, in the immediate vicinity of the Parliament Palace.

The campus is equipped with a modern dormitory that provides accommodation for 200 students and two canteens where students can serve meals.

The University Veterinary Clinic is equipped with high-performance medical equipment and operates permanently, ensuring ideal conditions for all students to acquire the practical skills required for their future profession.

Address: 105 Splaiul Independentei, 5th district, Bucharest

A campus with everything at your fingertips

Student canteen

You have access to the most modern canteen in Romania, with a capacity of over 300 seats and a top-standard serving line! Authentic Romanian recipes are prepared by a well-trained staff, for whom taste and quality are a priority.

Reforma 9 Terrace

Reforma 9 Terrace, from the Agronomie-Herăstrău Campus, awaits you in an urban but authentic location, where we reform the taste of food and time well spent, with quality dishes! Come enjoy them in the garden or indoors!

Ceres Event Hall

A select ambience awaits you in our event hall, with a capacity of 280 people, designed for unforgettable moments. Confidently call the salon team to create an event dedicated to you, where you can enjoy a unique experience in culinary art!

Self Service Laundry

Student life brings a big change in your life, and we want you to have the most pleasant experience on the UASVM campus. You have at your disposal a self-service laundromat, with professional washing machines and dryers, where you can pay quickly and modernly by card.

Ex Terra Aurum University Publishing House

Purchase the desired products online at or directly from the Agronomie-Herăstrău Campus Bookstore open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:30, entrance from Mărăști Boulevard

Bike and scooter rentals

Be active! Enjoy your campus by scooter or bike. We support a healthy lifestyle, so all our students have electric scooters or bicycles that they can use to get around quickly right from the door of the dormitory. You can rent them at any time from the stations located at the campus entrances.


AVES Ornithology Club

The AVES Ornithology Club established in partnership with the Romanian Ornithological Society welcomes all naturalists from UASVM Bucharest with the following activities:
• seminars and trips for the recognition of wild birds and nature;
•popularization and protection projects for birds and nature;
• addressing some scientific aspects related to ornithology and the study of nature such as: the impact of birds on agriculture, dynamics and migration, etc.
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"BUCUR" Student Folklore Ensemble

Do you love music and dancing? Enrich your student experience while learning new dances and techniques that will transform you into an exceptional dancer. With us you will participate in student and national competitions!

Vasile Ciocârlan Botany Club

Be part of the passionate botanist club and discover the beauties of nature. Learn and discover the Plant Kingdom - a component of the environment that gives life color.
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Ex Terra Aurum Student Cultural Center

The UASVM photography circle, AgroArt, is dedicated to image and film lovers. The aims of the circle are to illustrate introductory notions of photography, but also to promote the creative spirit of the students.

Student Entrepreneurial Society

Because the entrepreneurial spirit and independence take shape with studentship, get involved in a society with a desire for development and a strong vision of the future. Choose to ensure a future with potential!

THE CAMPUS magazine

Get involved in the editing of the first monthly newspaper of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with useful articles for animal lovers, available in Romanian, English and French. If you have a topic you'd like to know more about, contact The Campus magazine team.
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Sport activities

  • Dormitory rooms have access to the green campus and sports fields in front of the dormitories or faculty buildings.
  • You have at your disposal the campus parks, sports fields, bicycles or electric scooters.
  • Polyvalent Sports Hall
  • Football field with synthetic grass
  • Turf football field
  • Gym
  • Tennis courts


Within the campus you can find:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM)
  • FVM library
  • Institute of Comparative Medicine
  • Faculty clinic and laboratories
  • FVM Veterinary Pharmacy
  • Association of Veterinarians from Romania
  • University Veterinary Clinic


How are you staying on campus?

After you have obtained a confirmed place at our university, you can apply for a place to stay in our dormitory. The procedure is simple, you fill in the application form at the secretariat or online, directly from the website and send your application.

Contact the Student Campus Department

59 Mărăști Boulevard, 1st district, Bucharest


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